The Boys on the Sidelines


Dressed in blue from head to toe jumping around and yelling loud. These Creek Crazies stand side by side the cheerleaders and never miss a game, many call these helping hands the cheer escorts. So much more goes into cheering on the boys in blue than the cheerleaders can handle alone. The escorts not only help to hype up the crowd and interact with the students but they also help the cheerleaders to carry out the coolers, run those heavy flags after every touchdown, and help keep their items in order.

Only a select few get the honor of  holding the title of Cheer Escort. One of those sixteen include Nick Crawford. Crawford joined the cheer escorts as a sophomore, and this year he has taken on the roll as captain.

“Being a escort, mainly what we do is we take care of the flags and the cheerleaders,” Crawford said. “If the cheerleaders have anything they need us to do we of course do it for them.”

Try and imagine how nerve racking it must be to be down on the field in front of the whole student section such as the escorts do and how much school spirit you must have to stay that hyped the whole game. First year cheer escort, Matt Baham remains full of school spirit and loves being able to share that spirit with others.

“In the crowd not everyone shows school spirit so it is our job to get them up and having fun “, Baham said. “To be an escort takes a lot of school spirit and, of course, some knowledge about football.”

All of the escorts have great things to say and remain happy they made the decision to become an escort. Returning cheer escort Mathew Santos loves the feeling of being down on the field instead of up in the student section, and really enjoys how close he is to the excitement of the game.

“I think one of my many favorite things about being a cheer escort is just getting to be down on the field,” Santos said. “You get a totally different experience rather than if I were in the student section. I love getting to mess with the other team and getting hype when drumline comes out.”