Newly Combined Art and Photo Club renamed Fifth Dimension

Newly Combined Art and Photo club gives creative opportunities to all students

Story by: Lydia Estepp, Feature Editor

Finally, all the equipment stood ready around the room, the air abuzz with anticipation.

The tripods positioned, an army of cameras set up on top of them, ready for a session of low-light photography. The classroom full of students hushed as the lights fade to dark.

Photo Society, run by photography teacher Lynda Crocker, will team up with art teacher Angela Guy to create an art and photo club.

“I wanted to have a place where kids could do more than just my assignments,” Crocker said. “There are kids who want to pursue photography who don’t have room in their schedule. So if they just enjoy photography, they can come to the club.”

Sophomore Mallory Vattaglia said the club accepts both students taking photography and art classes and students who are not but are interested in the subject.

“So far it’s been really good; it seems really casual, but I think I’ll get a lot out of it,” Vattaglia said. “I’m not really in art or anything, but I also enjoy photography.”

At the last meeting, the students decided on a new club name, Fifth Dimension, which refers to two-dimensional art and three-dimensional art combined.

“This year’s different,” Crocker said. “We had a meeting, we proposed it to the students; they seemed interested.”

Next meeting, the students will vote on the officer positions of president, vice president, social chairman and a secretary/treasurer. Crocker said she wants to encourage more student involvement.

“Because our attendance kind of slacked off the past couple years, I was about ready to fold the club,” Crocker said. “And the kids didn’t seem to have very much initiative. They were almost expecting me to do everything, and I really wanted it to be student led.”

Crocker said she thinks the students have more inspiration and have more ideas this year. The club has plans to paint backdrops for other club events this year as well.

“I think the leadership this year is probably going to be stronger,” Crocker said. “So I think we’re going to be able to give back to [Cy Creek] a little bit better.”