The Interim

Claudio Garcia runs Creek in time between principals


Photo by: Miranda Duncan

Interim Principal Claudio Garcia pitcutred.

Story by: Miranda Duncan, Copy Editor

After receiving a call from CFISD that Cy Creek High School was in need of a interim principal after the retirement of current principal Sandy Trujillo, Claudio Garcia postponed his current retirement to take over the school’s administration until the board makes a decision about a new permanent principal.

Because of previous friendships with Cy Creek teachers and administrators, former Cy Ridge High School principal Garcia came out of his two-year long retirement to assist the school during the interim.

“Retirement gets a little boring, you know,” Garcia said. “So coming back to work is kind of a refreshing thing for me.”

Garcia said he hopes he inspires students to follow their dreams during his time here.

“I really care about people; I really care particularly about young people, because I know that it’s kind of cliche that children are our future, but it’s really true,” Garcia said. “What we as adults and older adults live for is to make sure that our kids go forward and realize their dreams.”

Building and principals’ secretary Mary Ann Guidry said Garcia makes a good addition to the school’s administration.

“He’s a kind and gentle man,” Guidry said. “He’s brought a calming stability to the school when we needed it badly.”

Garcia said he’s enjoyed learning about the student body and school traditions.

“I’ve learned some of the yells at the pep rally, for example; they had me doing the ‘Ahh CC’ when I went to the Klein Oak game,” Garcia said. “I find the student body here to be very energetic. I think that what sets it apart is the Creek personality; that it’s unique to this school.”

Although he remains principal only temporarily, Garcia said he still cares very much about the school and the students.

“I want them to know that I really care,” Garcia said. “That not just because I’ve been here for a period of time, or that I’m not gonna be here as a permanent principal doesn’t mean that I don’t care, because I do.”