A work of art

Student displays freedom through artwork

Photo by: Chloe Trejo
Senior Lauren Hernandez pictured.

Story by: Chloe Trejo, Sports Editor

Between late nights and early mornings, junior Lauren Hernandez scrambles to finish a new piece of work. With her mind set on one goal she works to complete her project. The belief in personal independence that she has inspires each new piece she creates. With another project done she reveals her motif: freedom.

Hernandez considers art to be an important aspect of her life and holds a special meaning in her life.

“It’s a way to express myself so I don’t go crazy,” she said.

After considering different theme ideas for her artwork this year, she chose the theme that meant the most to her.

“[Freedom is] just something huge,” she said. “We get to choose what we want to say, to love who we want, and to be who we want to be.”

One piece Hernandez created in order to express this theme was an oil-based clay sculpture of a girl holding her heart in her hands.

“The body shows how we feel,” she said. “It resembles the freedom to let your heart go, and let love happen, especially because I know that’s really hard for us sometimes.”

Hernandez also remodeled an American history book to highlight what she believes this country was founded on.

“I love America’s history and the freedom of history,” she said. “To all the wars we fought, and people standing up to do what’s right and just having the strength to keep going.”

Hernandez continues to create artwork and uses her theme as an inspiration for her next piece.

“I am currently working on what is called an upcycled chair,” she said. “I’m putting on quotes from books because I believe [in] education and having the freedom to write whatever we want.”

The ability to present different ideas and beliefs is something Hernandez finds interesting about art.

“It’s a way to speak to people,” she said. “I can do that through art. Everyone can see it, get it and relate to it.”

With the passion she feels for art Hernandez plans to continue it throughout her life.

“I don’t know what I’m going to major in,” she said. “But I’m going into an art school because I need art in my life.”