Super Bowl 49 Facts

Story by: Jimmy Pacheco, Reporter

As you munch on snacks and laugh (or cry) through the commercials, check out these facts about Super Bowl 49.

  1. University of Phoenix Stadium will hold approximately 100,000 people February 1.

This should not surprise you,with the amount of love people have for the game, the NFL should consider petitioning for a national holiday.  

  1. Katy Perry will perform during halftime.

Who doesn’t love Katy Perry? Believe it or not, people will just watch the game for the halftime performers, and, of course, the commercials.

  1. Both teams provide 120 balls for the game.

The coaches need to ensure the amount of balls are correctly counted. They would not want the game to end with an awkward pause. Of course, the ball’s air pressure will be carefully inspected. No more #deflategate.

  1. It is the second highest food consumption day in America.

One billion chicken wings, eight million pounds of popcorn, 28 million pounds of potato chips and 53.5 pounds of avocados will supply many Americans during the game according to food experts.

  1. Half the United States population will participate in watching the game.  

156.6 million people will watch at least part of the game, according to Super Bowl experts.

  1. Arizona’s economy will see a rise in profit.

With all the food consumed during the Bowl, of course a bunch of money spent that day will do some good in Arizona.