March madness

Things you can do to welcome in spring

Illustration by Laura Williams.

Illustration by Laura Williams.

Story by: Emma Ruggiero, Reporter

Here in Houston, spring arrives much earlier than it does in other parts of the country. This means we have more time to do things we could not do in colder weather. Check out this list to find ways to embrace the new season and relieve spring fever.

  1. Go on a bicycle ride. The old two-wheeler that does nothing but sit in silence inside the garage or storage shed deserves to see the outside world. Coasting around the neighborhood in the fresh air and gentle, warm sunshine will help awaken the senses and rejuvenate the body.
  2. Eat outside. The next time the squad wants to go to a restaurant, suggest sitting on the patio. Balconies, decks and front porches also serve as ideal eating locations. Fresh air and delicious food combine to make the perfect meal.
  3. Take a pet out for a walk. Animals enjoy this change in weather just as much as humans do, maybe even more. Do a furry friend a favor and hook the dog (or if possible, cat) up to a leash and head to the local park or trail. Both humans and pets can bask in the buttery sunlight together.
  4. Get creative. Many authors and artists obtain ideas from their surroundings. “Spring,” Vivaldi’s famous concerto, reflects the joy one feels in the springtime. Write a poem, draw a picture, make a movie or play a song inspired by the season. Even YouTube and Vine could use some springtime material.
  5. Relax. If vegging out and doing absolutely nothing seems more appealing, do it outside. Stretch out on that cozy outdoor seat and breathe in the crisp spring air. Absorb the sights, sounds and smells and allow all thoughts to wander peacefully. Feels nice, right?