10 signs that spring has arrived

Story by: Sam Billings, Entertainment Editor

Texas has a total of two seasons: summer and winter. Therefore, the season of spring remains mostly nonexistent, but sometimes Texas gifts inhabitants with approximately two real days of spring. On the odd occasion of a spring day, these 10 signs can help anyone decide if spring really has arrived.

  1. Girls trade leggings in for Nike shorts to keep up with the changing weather.
  2. People start to use their sprinklers again because grass begins growing back after a four month dry period. Cue parents telling their children to go outside and mow the revived grass.
  3. Flowers seem to appear everywhere in order for people to turn their winter caves into spring gardens. Prepare for gardeners out and about making sure their gardens can compete with Susan’s next door.
  4. Baseball season starts. Therefore, everyone gets ‘take me out to the ballgame’ stuck in their head every time someone says the word baseball.
  5. Students take their spring break vacations. Some got to exotic beaches while some choose to abandon the new found warmth to go to the frigid mountains to go skiing.
  6. Girls trade in dark winter shades for floral pastel shades to keep up with spring aesthetics. White jeans, mint green, and floral design everywhere.
  7. Teacher’s whiteboards become home to large countdowns for the last day of school. Just remember we’ve made it to spring, we can make it to summer.
  8. Starting in late March, every grocery store shelf becomes filled with every type of easter candy available. It also gives people an extra sugar rush to get them through their days.
  9. Seniors anxiously wait by their mailboxes and email inboxes for any sign of college acceptance letters.
  10. People willingly choose to spend time outside because it’s that nice two weeks where it’s not freezing, but not sweltering either.