US History taught right

Hamilton the musical finds success

Story by: Lydia Estepp, Feature Editor

Calling all APUSH students who want to rock it on the AP test.

The new broadway musical, “Hamilton,” teaches US History in a far more entertaining way than a textbook. With an astounding soundtrack by Lin-Manuel Miranda available for purchase on Amazon, history class will never feel boring again.

“Hamilton” tells the story of the birth of America through the eyes of founding father Alexander Hamilton, an orphaned immigrant from the Caribbean who travels to America in search of success. The story expertly weaves together history and our modern world, showing both the humanity and the relatability of historical figures outside of the classroom setting.

The plot begins in 1776 in New York, the American revolution in the beginning stages. Hamilton arrives in New York City in search of success and glory through joining the revolution. His exceptional writing skills snag him the opportunity to work with the revolution, and create the brand new country of America.

The rest of the musical chronicles the defeat of the British (spoiler alert … well, not really), the subsequent creation of the US government and the personal life of Alexander Hamilton. Throughout the story, several historical figures emerge, such as George Washington, Aaron Burr, Marquis De Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, all of which become relatable and interesting characters.

The plot never feels bogged down with facts and heavy, boring history, but rather uses facts to create an interesting historical setting that both entertains and informs. Somehow, these characters who normally would bore us to death in history class, come to life in “Hamilton.”

Because of its success, “Hamilton” won a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album at the Grammy’s 2016 on Feb. 15.

The diverse music style includes a variety of genres from modern rap to stylized musical theater. Each song carries a unique surprise, leading to virtually no skippable songs on the soundtrack.

With over 40 songs to listen to, the story proves vast and in-depth, which interestingly mirrors the vast and in-depth history of America’s creation.

The diversity of the cast and the modern music style somehow work remarkably well when placed against a historical backdrop, making “Hamilton” a must listen for students everywhere.