29 things to do on the 29th of February

Story by: Hala Khan, Co-editor-in-cheif

With this extra 29th day of February, check out these 29 ways to spend the day.


  1. Catch up on things you have been meaning to do for months, house projects, Netflix, homework, etc.
  2. Go out for dinner; an extra day to eat should always be celebrated.
  3. Get a pet, a dog, cat, fish, bird, whatever; add someone to the family on this additional day.
  4. Take your new pet to the park.
  5. Hydrate, an extra day, better drink some extra water.
  6. Plant something, leap day gives it an extra day to grow.
  7. Learn to write with your less dominant hand.
  8. Read a book, challenge yourself.
  9. Read two books, extra day, extra challenge.
  10. Redecorate, leap day switches up the calendar, so switch up your room.
  11. Try one of those cooking videos you saved for later use.
  12. Try one of those life hack videos you saved for later use.
  13. Build a shelf to hold your special leap year calendar.
  14. Start a blog to express your love for leap year.
  15. Teach yourself how to play an instrument, so you can play your favorite leap year song.
  16. Join a band, teach them your leap year song.
  17. Learn a new language, sing your leap year song in it.
  18. Write a letter to someone about your love for leap year.
  19. Learn to knit, make a sweater with the words “leap year” on it.
  20. Shop online for leap year decorations.
  21. Shop in-store for leap year decorations.
  22. Window shop for leap year decorations.
  23. Make a candle, light it, blow it out and make a leap day wish.
  24. Make a friend with someone who likes leap year.
  25. Make an enemy with someone who does not like leap year.
  26. Make your new friend an enemy of your enemy, because they do not like leap year.
  27. Build a fort, to fight off people who do not like leap day.
  28. Watch a leap day movie in your fort.
  29. Plan what you will do on the next leap day.