Things to know about the ‘Merc with a Mouth’

Catch up with Deadpool’s backstory before the movie premieres

Story by: Rayya Gordon, News Editor

Loyal fans and newcomers alike wait in anticipation of the new movie “Deadpool,” a feature film about an assassin named Wade Wilson with a reputation for sass in the Marvel universe. Wilson, who first appeared in 1990 and has grouped up with several famous teams such as the X-Force and the Frightful Four, finally holds the spotlight.

Born in Canada, Wilson left both his lover Vanessa and his work as a contracted mercenary after finding out he had cancer. He joined the Weapon X program – a superhuman enhancement initiative – of the Department K, a secret special weapons branch of government. If that sounds familiar, remember this program created Wolverine as well. Wilson gained mentally-driven healing powers, which cured his cancer, but soon found himself abandoned at Hospice (another secret government facility), where he endured torture, death and resurrection in a betting pool of a mad scientist. Hence the name Deadpool.

These events lead to his famous scarred appearance and his return to the mercenary life. Along with his healing factor, Deadpool’s powers include enhanced strength, stamina and senses, as well as virtual immunity and an extended lifespan. Well-known for both comedy and vulgarity, Deadpool often breaks the fourth wall in his comics, due to his heightened self-awareness and his ability to travel through multiple worlds – including this one.

Deadpool’s new movie serves as the second attempt to bring him to the big screen. Ryan Reynolds, who played the character in a supporting role in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” back in 2009, swore his loyalty to the character (after an unfavorable performance as the Green Lantern in a 2011 DC movie) and seems determined to get this portrayal right. The movie premieres Feb. 12, just in time for a great twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day dinner and a movie.