‘Tell Me More’ about “Grease”

Story by: Chloe Crawford, Social Media Manager

Cy Creek’s production of Grease opened on Friday, Jan. 22 and ran until Monday, Jan. 25. The play opened with a scene at Rydell High School with many cast members planted in the packed audience to sing the Rydell fight song.

The play continued on with plenty of fantastic high notes hit by Danny Zuko (played by  sophomore Alex Kerry) and Sandy (played by junior Courtlin Parisher).  Everyone sang beautifully, including notable vocal performances from Kerry, sophomore Coleman Green, junior Justin Vrana, senior Kaci Jackson and Parisher.

The choreography came together nicely even on scenes that included the whole cast. One particularly spectacular scene had the whole cast on stage hand jiving in sync together. The choreography throughout the musical contained tons of energy with the entire cast bopping along to high-energy songs such as: “Tell me More,” “Greased Lightning” and “You’re the One That I Want.”

The magic of the show carried back stage as well. Offstage, crew members worked diligently to move their set pieces on and off stage in a timely manner.

Overall, I thought that the show was very well done, and I would definitely see it again if presented with the chance.