Super Bowl predictions

Story by: Jimmy Pacheco, Sports Editor

As the conference games came to end, many fans across the nation went to bed feeling depressed, while some celebrated to see Tom Brady and the New England Patriots fall short against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. This may have been the last we have seen of these two great quarterbacks battling against each other, but their rivalry will live on forever.

Then of course there was the blowout with the Carolina Panthers shoving it down the Arizona Cardinals’ throats. As if Cam Newton did not prove he deserved the MVP award already this season, he had another outstanding game.This year’s Super Bowl will occur on Feb. 7 between the Broncos and the Panthers. Not the matchup America hoped for, but nonetheless, it should excite viewers.

My prediction consists of Carolina winning 32-20. Even though the sheriff Peyton Manning should end his legacy with a ring, a very difficult task awaits him on Sunday. Newton’s dual threat offense will challenge Denver’s defense, and it surely will turn into a fun match to watch. After hitting Brady more than 20 times in the conference game, Newton will have his hands full against the pass rush.

While some want to see Manning hold the Lombardi trophy one last time so that he can finish his chapter with a happy ending, sadly I do not see this happening. Even though he did not look bad last game, throwing two touchdown passes and no interceptions, Carolina’s defense will give Manning trouble.

Like the Panthers have done all year long, they will not hesitate to roll through Denver. Carolina won 15 games and only lost one, for a reason. The Broncos on the other hand, have suffered all season long including an injury to Manning, but they still managed to win 12 games this season. If Manning can be accurate with the football, then they will have a chance to win this game.

While this may transpire to be Manning’s last game, the outcome will not change his legacy and the mark that he left in the NFL. He will live on as one of the best players to ever step on the field and for him to end his career in a win will seal it. #ManningForPresident