“This is Halloween”

Story by: Jimmy Pacheco, Sports Editor

Jack-o’-lanterns, tombstones, ghosts, spiders, fog and candy. What makes Halloween so special? The enjoyment that the holiday brings to the table. Whether it comes from trick-or-treating or scaring the snickers out of kids, there’s fun for everyone.


One of the most important aspects of scaring your neighbors comes from the design. Start a design around your territory that can scare the goodies out of kids. Items can include cobwebs, a fog machine, strobe lights, a skeleton and creepy background music.


What’s halloween without candy? Candy feeds the young children who go trick-or-treating and has been proven by scientific studies to calm people’s nerves, so by all means, buy as much as you can.


Showing off wicked costumes creates another great opportunity to represent Halloween. While costumes were originally meant for young children, there’s no particular age limit. Go out and search for one that fits properly. Hang it on your house to freak the kids out during Halloween night, or go trick-or-treating yourself!


What better way to get ready for Halloween than to prank young kids. Think of jokes that will send trick-or-treaters back to where they came from. It may sound like a cruel thing to do, but pranking plays a big part in the holiday’s tradition.