10 Last minute Halloween costume ideas

Story by: Chloe Crawford, Reporter

Halloween: a holiday filled to the brim with candy, scary movies, and most importantly, costumes. For people who either forgot to buy a costume or just want to make one themselves, these 10 ideas can help make their Halloween a success.


  1. Get a white shirt and write “Error 404 Costume Not Found” across the front and boom, instant costume.
  2. Become an identity thief by taking name tags with different names on them and wearing them around town.
  3. A blue jean shirt and a red bandana make an awesome ‘Rosie the Riveter.’
  4. Turn a roasting pan into a Ninja Turtle costume by spray painting it green and tying it on to the back of the shirt with a brown ribbon. Pair this with a green T-shirt and some green shorts, and any person can give the illusion that they live in the sewer system of New York  and fight crime just like a Ninja Turtle. A mask in either purple, orange, red or blue completes the look of any hero in a half shell.
  5. Take the snazziest bathrobe possible and attach stuffed animal kitties to become a crazy cat lady.
  6. Obtain a wig cap and cover it with fake leaves and grass. Attach a sign so other people can see that the spirit of a Chia Pet truly rests inside their soul.
  7. A green shirt and khaki pants create an awesome Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
  8. Apply makeup, but only on half of the face and leave the other half bare. Then they can go around and tell everyone that they transformed into the before and after of a YouTube makeup tutorial.
  9. Find an old khaki vest and some old khaki shorts. Put them on and tote around a balloon and a knapsack, and what do you get? That’s right, Russell from Up.
  10. Wear a red blanket as a cape and carry a woven basket (big enough to collect candy in) and become the little Red Riding Hood.