5 tips for the Skeleton War

Story by: Sam Billings, Reporter

The month of October brings multiple things: cooler weather, pumpkin, lattes, Halloween and skeletons. The month of October on the Internet brings one thing: the Skeleton War. It resurfaces every October on popular social medias such as Tumblr and Twitter. The Skeleton War includes thousands of pictures of skeleton Halloween decorations and skeleton-related memes. These five facts can help guide anyone through the Skeleton War:


  1. “If your grave doesn’t say ‘rest in peace’ on it you are automatically drafted into the Skeleton War,” -User @dril on Twitter. Also known as the start of the skeleton war.
  2. The war never ends. Ever. Skeletons have all of their afterlife to fight for the good of humanity against the bad of humanity.
  3. Due to the intense fighting, the army needs a surplus of human flesh to keep the soldiers nourished.
  4. Propaganda for the war often begins to show up during the month of October.The soldiers often quarrel in grocery stores and Halloween superstores. Don’t get caught in the crossfire.
  5. Skeletons risk their afterlife to partake in the Skeleton War. No other being could ever withstand the hardships that come with being a soldier.