The rise and fall of cougar pride

October 20, 2014

Most of the school knows the importance of football games; endless school spirit supports football players. However, this results in little spirit being left over for other sports teams. All teams at our school deserve to feel the support of their peers.

The school offers several sports to its students, and these sports deserve attention too. Other teams have exciting moments in their games, and, victories and losses alike, they would love to share with a crowd. All teams deserve to feel valued by an audience or people who recognize the hard work and skill they devote to their sport.

The hype created over football results in the large turnout in the student section. The record of attendance and international recognition at football games is proof of the amount of people available to support other sports. The comparison of the football student section to another sport’s student section discourages those players in their efforts to be an athlete representing their school.

Other teams like volleyball or bowling have games that don’t get as much buildup, or attendance. Three varsity football games generated $2,913 in ticket sales, while three volleyball games generated only $1,610 in sales.

Students should make an effort to support all athletes in what they do, not just the athletes they’re friends with, or the ones who get the most coverage. No one has to go to every game that occurs, but at least try to attend a few games for every sport throughout the year.

It’s important for all the athletes to be considered and represented. What we need is a supportive student section, not a selective one.

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