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Senior Skylar Campbell holds up a drawing of herself, given to her as a secret Santa gift.

‘Skylar’ the creator

Yearbook editor highlights high school experience

April 16, 2015

Papers sprawled around her desk, pens and markers lay uncapped within the mess, a dozen different tabs open on her computer, the clock strikes 9 P.M. but she continues working, trying to finish the yearbook.

Senior and Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Cougar Pride yearbook Skylar Campbell shares stories about her time on the yearbook staff and in high school.


How have you left your mark on Creek?

“Well I feel like, being the co-EIC and EIC of yearbook two years in a row kinda leaves that mark because I mean yearbooks are important to document all of our memories of our year.”


Through your entire high school career, what was the most important part to you?

“I guess actually making the yearbook, because I get stressed out and whatever, no matter how much I get stressed out, I really do like yearbook even though I sometimes don’t and it’s just something fun to do, and I really like how I’m contributing to the school.”


How many pages are in the yearbook, and how long does it take to make the yearbook?

“There are 296 pages in the yearbook, and it takes eight months for the yearbook to be completed, and another month for it to be printed and shipped to the school. So basically, it’s like a pregnancy and the yearbook is the baby.”


Based on the last four years, what would you do differently?

“I probably would schedule my time better, because I procrastinate all the time, and I’m really bad at time management.”


How has yearbook changed your life?

“I used to be really shy, and yearbook brought me out of my shell and gave me a whole new group of friends.”


How important have your friends been throughout the years?

“My friends are very important to me, because, I mean, I don’t have that many but they’re always there for me.”


So what was the best part of high school?

“The best part of high school so far was last year whenever the yearbooks came in.”


How has Creek changed you?

“Creek has given me a lot of experiences that I probably wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”


Why did you join yearbook?

“I joined yearbook because I was always interested in making a yearbook, I always thought those people were pretty cool, so I guess now I’m pretty cool, because I make the yearbook.”


When did you realize that yearbook was for you?

“Whenever I was in Journalism I, I loved the class, and I love (former journalism advisor Jennifer Sanbury) Sansy, and I went on the field trip to Austin, and I just really liked the people, so I wanted to experience that.”


What will you be doing after Creek?

“After Creek, I’m going to go to the University of Texas, into the communications college and study public relations.”

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