‘Makeup Forever’

April 1, 2015


Photo courtesy of Taryn Modisette

Senior Taryn Modisette shares her passion for makeup, how she started, her love for the art of putting on a face.

Q: When did you first consider doing makeup as a profession?

A: I first considered makeup artistry as a profession sophomore year when I learned that it was a branch off of cosmetology. Before that I thought everyone in the cosmetic industry was just a cosmetologist, which was such a bummer since I never really enjoyed doing hair, nails and other aspects of cosmetology. I was so thrilled to learn that I could just do makeup for a living.

Q: How long have you been doing professional makeup?

A: I have been doing makeup on people “professionally” for almost two years. I was always asked to do makeup for birthdays, anniversaries, homecoming dances, and prom and I have bridal/wedding party makeup appointment this June that I am very excited for.

Q: Are you an affiliate with any makeup company?

A: I am an affiliate with a cruelty-free mink lash company called Nubounsom Lashes. After I bought my first pair of lashes from them and completely fell in love with them, I contacted them about their “Makeup Artist Program” and explained how I would be so thrilled to join and help spread the word about their lashes. Now since I am an affiliate with them anytime someone uses my code “TarynMUA” they get 20% off their entire purchase, which is steal since most mink lashes can be $30.

Q: Can you describe that experience?

A: When I first contacted them I was so nervous because I know how companies are with affiliates and giving out discount codes, and I knew that they were still kind of a new company so I didn’t know if they would say yes. That night I sent in my application form through email I included my YouTube and Instagram so they could see my work, and within an hour I got a reply back saying that they would love me on their affiliate team and at that point I was jumping up and down, practically screaming because that was the first time an actual company recognized me and my work.

Q: What is the ideal next five years of your life?

A: In the next five years if everything went perfect, I would be working as a freelancer for a makeup company and I would be traveling all around Texas doing makeup for anyone that I could get my hands on. I also would want to run makeup workshops for people like me who aspire to be freelancers, or just for people who want to learn the art and the skill behind makeup. And maybe in the process of starting a new cosmetics line.

Q: What do you feel when you’re putting on someones makeup/your own?

A: When I’m applying someone else’s makeup, I’m going to be honest, I get nervous at first but after that goes away. I’m extremely relaxed and I can just talk and talk about anything. My mind just kinda goes on auto-pilot and my hands and my brushes do all the work for me, so I’m not really thinking about anything besides trying to make sure that the makeup is perfect in not only my eyes but my client’s eyes as well. With that being said, when I apply makeup on myself it’s the complete opposite. I’m always thinking, my mind isn’t on auto-pilot and I’m trying to get ahead of myself and think ahead and think ‘okay so if this color ends up patchy and doesn’t blend well what am I going to do about that?’ And ‘After this eye is done what lipstick should I put on?’

Q: How has YouTube helped you grow?

A: YouTube has helped my techniques and how I go about doing eyeliner on someone with hooded eyes, or contouring, or how to find the right shade on someone else, and how to actually get my foot in the door in the makeup world, and all of that has really inspired how I want my channel to be. I have tons of in depth videos on my laptop about foundation, concealers, lipstick, eyeliner. Basically they’re all Makeup 101 videos, I just haven’t uploaded them yet because I feel like I could always add something a little more to the videos.

Q: What is your favorite product? Why?

A: My favorite product. . . that’s a tough one. It would probably have to be MAC Fix+. Fix+ is such a versatile product, it was originally made to be used with their studio fix powder foundation. After you put on the studio fix powder you would spray Fix+ all over your face and it would make the powder look more like skin and less like a mask. Fix+ has glycerin in it, which when used all over your face it becomes a wonderful humectant, a humectant is something that attracts and absorbs the moisture in the air around it. So, since Fix+ is basically a humectant it can be used before or after foundation to add moisture back into your skin and prevent your makeup from looking “cakey” (It’s a great product if you have dry skin) Also Fix+ can be used as a “glue” to hold loose pigments or glitter on your eyelids, it can also be used to intensify ANY eye shadow that is sparkly, making the eye shadow appear more vibrant and beautiful. Fix+ is a staple that every makeup artist needs.

Q: Any advice for people starting out?

A: My advice would be to let your creativity and passion drive you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough to be a makeup artist or anything for that matter, because if you’re so passionate about it, the skill will come with learning experience. I’m not going to lie and tell you there’s some secret to getting your foot in the door or becoming well known, because there’s not. Stay true to yourself and your craft and everything else will follow behind. Take baby steps, practice on yourself, your family, your friends. Advertise your skill on facebook or instagram, let people know that you’re willing to do their makeup. Practice, practice, practice. Try to get a very diverse portfolio filled with people of all ages, sexes, and races. Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone every now and then, because you may find a new area of your profession that you’re good at. Lastly, don’t give up. Nothing is going to be handed to you, you’re going to be hit with obstacles and times where it seems like no one wants to hire you, but work through it because just like with everything else, it’ll be worth it in the end.

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