Crossed Up in Motocross

February 9, 2015


Photo courtesy of Ronnie Salesman

Junior, Ronnie Salesman fills us in on the motocross accident he was recently in; Ronnie gives a brief description of the accident itself to the point of recovery from the surgery required to mend his injuries.

 Tell me about your motocross experience, the crash to be specific.

It straight up hurt like hell, it was a miserable experience for me I hated it, but the worst part was the fact that I had to get surgery.

Surgery? It was that bad, what was the damage?

Well I snapped my wrist from the crash and they had to put metal sticks in my wrist to act as frames in order to hold a proper bone structure in place.

 Usually after surgery you have to go through some form of therapy, how has that been for you?

Well i wasn’t a huge fan of it at first, but as I noticed it did have an overall beneficial effect on my recovery it was easier for me to accept it.

Also after surgery you don’t instantly walk out of the hospital. Usually you’re required to stay a few nights at the hospital, expand on that for me please?

That was the worst part to me, I was in major pain for seven days! I’m definitely going to be careful from this point forward because those seven days in the hospital are the reason I can’t exempt.

You weren’t given an excused absence?

Nope and I argued to get exemptions but there’s nothing I can do.

 So would you say this accident has had an overall affect on you, not just physically but also with school?

Oh yeah definitely! I’m going to keep motocross on the low for the time being but it ruined me I’m not prepared for these finals, I don’t have a lot of time to study for them.

Well is there anything else you would like to say on this topic?

Don’t do motocross kids! At least not the week before finals

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