What the old can learn from the young

March 17, 2015

Traditionally, young adults soak up information from their elders like a wet sponge. But with advances in the world, both technologically and socially, advice from young to old must be imparted. Here: a few helpful tips for those aforementioned elders to get around in this brave new world a little easier.

How to turn on a computer.

Look on the side of the computer. Press the “on” button. Wait for it to start up. Take part in the imminent demise of traditional values.

How to deal with apartment life.

The American Dream gives us a picture of a smiling family with a two-story house and a white picket fence, but unfortunately, Millennials put greater stock in their dream of getting “Desperate Housewives” back on Netflix. Old people can pick up great apartment life tips, though, like how to live off ramen for an entire week and how to successfully dodge paying rent.

How to pay off college tuition debt.

Just kidding. Your grandchildren will be paying off that debt.

How to take better selfies.

While selfies may destroy the modern world one duckface at a time, a lot of good strategies can be passed up from son to father, such as “Finding Your Angle”, “Incorporating Lens Flares” and “Best Backgrounds”. Old people can capture their good side with the world up in flames behind them.

How to keep up with society.

Though it certainly feels tragic, Richard Nixon isn’t president anymore, and the Big Bad Reds are more like the Annoying Fallen Apart Russians. It’s time to introduce more recent topics, like the ever-impending threats of ISIS, cyber-terrorism, and self-checkout grocery lines.

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