Top 5 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2015


Photo by: Rayya Gordon

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Make sure to pick up a gift and not let the holiday go by without showing your favorite person you love them.

1. A giant stuffed teddy bear. This is literally a huge display of love, and it’s a friend they can keep for a long time.

2. A box of chocolates. The classic V-day gift. If the box is in the shape of a heart, even better. Figure out their favorite kind and they’ll love you even more.

3. Tickets to their favorite band’s concert. Everyone loves music, and the two of you jamming together makes it even more romantic. Buy them in advance and surprise them with a day trip.

4. Flowers. Another classic. The prettier, the better. Just make sure your significant other isn’t allergic.

5. Balloons. If all else fails, show up with a few red and pink balloons, and ask your sweetheart where they want to go for dinner. Sometimes the safest approach works the best.

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