10 Things Singles do on Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2015

Not everyone gets to spend Valentine’s Day with their special someone. A lot of people are often single, their friends in committed relationships, off doing whatever couples do on Valentine’s Day. So what do singles do on this mushy gushy holiday? After asking this question to several students, here’s a list of things people do on Valentine’s day:

1. Netflix is your best friend.


Singles don’t have anyone super special to spend time with on V Day. Most will go home and binge watch their favorite shows on Netflix.

2. Let’s go shopping.


Whether it’s alone or with a friend, several students will go to the mall to spend money at their favorite stores.

3. Comfort food.


Students love food more than anything. Some like food even more on Valentine’s day. Singles will go out with friends to some food. Popular choices were fast food places, such as McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A.

4. Sleep it off.


Who doesn’t love sleeping? Who needs love when you can sleep? That’s the motto of many single students. Students will often sleep in on Valentine’s day, it’s better to keep the dreams alive to say the least.

5. Got books?


Why have a relationship when you can read? Many students are extreme bookworms and are more than happy to read novels.

6. Let it all out.


Some students go home and find a good shoulder to cry on. Letting out some of those depressing emotions can do wonders.

7. Family Time


Students often spend time with their families on Valentine’s day. They enjoy going out to eat or catching a movie with their loved ones.

8. Friends Forever


Single students will get together and do basically everything else on this list. They often watch Netflix, eat ice cream and cry.

9. More important events.


A lot of students have plans for themselves or with friends on Valentine’s day. Many will go to a concert, a sporting event or even something school related.

10. Hobbies are the best pass time.

Students have tons of hobbies and stuff they enjoy doing. Some students might go home and play video games for hours while some might draw, sing, dance, etc.


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