Top 5 Bandcamp Songs of 2014

February 11, 2015

Bandcamp has made waves in the music industry by providing artists a feasible way to introduce their music to the public quickly and affordable, without a major label’s involvement. This new platform allows artists to get their music out to more people than ever before: a great accomplishment in music history. To celebrate this achievement, here are my five top songs from Bandcamp this year.

#1: Uncrazy by Blanche Blanche Blanche

This song, from the NYC duo’s last album, gives off a feeling of floating, of reflection.

The band’s vocals are gritty and slightly inaudible. The piano’s insistence keeps the song moving, keeps it changing. The background noise resembles a noise collage, and pangs in and out throughout the song. Overall, a defining track from their new album, Hints to Pilgrims.

Top Lyric:

“I just wanna take care of my wife and play basketball / And get hit by a car”

#2: Birthday Song by Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos, daughter of two famous actors, started recording in 2012 while attending Purchase College. Zentropy, her first album, premiered earlier this year and has received rave reviews. This song features an upbeat vibe but contrasts it with sharp lyricism and, of course, a synth keyboard.

Top Lyric:

“Just because I am a certain age / Doesn’t mean that I am any older than I was yesterday”


#3: Boxing Day by Car Seat Headrest

Boxing Day can hardly be classified a song. Spanning 15 minutes, the song is easily the longest on the album. It’s inspired mostly by psych-folk and post-punk influences. The vocals get drowned out, and sound fuzzy under the guitar. The song is simplistic and yet emotional at the same time.

Top Lyric:

“If I stacked up all the hours I wasted I could climb straight to heaven”


#4: Sorry by Alex G

One of Alex G’s slower songs, Sorry features heartbreaking lyrics and simple instrumentation, intercut with the perfect amount of silence. By leaving quiet areas in the song, instrumental portions, Alex G makes the sadness hit home even more. His wispy, moping voice drags over the lyrics, with an almost nasal quality. Definitely a night time driving song.

Top Lyric:

“I’ll get my cure / Wait in the car / I won’t remember / Who you are”


#5: first love / late spring by Mitski

Mitski was recently featured in Rolling Stone, and is on the upturn in the music press. She’s an acoustic performer out of New York, and writes primarily about her own life. Her lyrics carry sentiment and emotion with a twinge of ambivalence. As one critic describes her style as, “like an aging racetrack greyhound; graceful, but still kind of sad”.

Top Lyric:

“so please hurry leave me /I can’t breathe /please don’t say you love me / 胸がはち切れそうで”

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