The top 5 worst fonts

February 11, 2015

Whether you’re writing an essay, creating a presentation or designing a flyer  you’ve most likely dealt with fonts before.They are the neat little designs for the letters that give your written work personality. Fonts like Garamond and Georgia tell your reader you’re serious about your work and other fonts like Calibri and Helvetica give a more laid back but confident vibe. Fonts are a lot like people, you can find some with great personalities but oddballs will always exist you like to stray away from. Here’s a list of fonts you shouldn’t associate with.

  1. Comic Sans

You can’t have a ‘Top 5 worst font’ list without including comic sans somewhere. This font is notorious for receiving hate from designers all around the globe so it might surprise you that it’s not the worst on this list. Comic Sans was created to mimic the writing in comic books while also giving off a more playful tone. Comic Sans accomplishes its job just fine but the misuse of this font is what earned it its hated reputation. Comic sans has appeared on everything from gravestones to the sides of police cars taking away any seriousness from anything it’s applied to. If you want to stay professional, stray away from this font.

  1. Impact

The notice sign you created on microsoft word is not a meme so don’t type with a font synonymous with cat pictures on the internet. Recently, bold fonts have gained popularity amongst designers because as society reduces their attention span, a bold font is there to guide it back on track. Impact however does this and so much more. Impact screams at you and while it’s arguably okay to scream “Look at my cat!” It’s not okay for someone to scream at you when the next board meeting will be. Do the world a favor and leave Impact where it belongs, on cute or funny cat pictures.

  1. Courier

Do you need to waste space on your page because you couldn’t come up with a long enough essay for english? Courier is for you. This typewriter mimicking font wastes so much space on a page you might as well chop down a tree every time you use it. The waste of space isn’t even its worst quality (it might just be the only reason to use it). Courier gives a dated look and not a nice one. Courier also lacks any character because all it’s there to do is show words on a page. Quit the “I love typewriters” hipster act and use a real font.

  1. Curlz

Curlz is a ten year old girl with the addiction to the color pink. The font is immature, overly flashy and obnoxious to read. You are not cute for using it so avoid it like the plague at all costs. Oh, by the way did you think monograms couldn’t get any uglier, look at one made with the Curlz font.

  1. Papyrus

Don’t use this font. Seriously.

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