Top 7 Funniest Instagram Accounts

January 20, 2015

Social media has provided some much needed humor for those in our generation.. Navigating the thousands of funny instagram accounts online takes time that busy students don’t have. So here’s the top 7 funny instagram accounts you should follow.

  1.  @satiregram: This account provides a fresh twist on all the cliche pictures on instagram by posting handwritten notes representing the photos we see every day and the meanings behind them.
  2.  @miserable_men: Miserable Men showcases photos of men and boys waiting for their shopping partners taken by other shoppers who find this cliche as funny as we do.
  3.  @cookingforbae: When you try to cook for your partner and you fail, you take a picture and send it to @cookingforbae so followers can laugh at all the cringe worthy meals.
  4.  @thatcommonwhitegirl: In case you didn’t get enough of @commonwhitegirl on Twitter, there’s an instagram dedicated to the hilarious tweets every common white girl can relate to.
  5.  @vines: @vines conveniently showcases the funniest vines of the day all in one place for this instagram’s nearly 3 million followers.
  6.  @passengershaming: Passenger Shaming posts candid pictures taken by anonymous travelers of the passengers you don’t want to be stuck on a plane with.
  7.  @_eavesdropper: This artist creates “typographic entertainment” out of the unfiltered and hilarious things he hears people say throughout the day.

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