6 reasons why Jennifer Lawrence should be considered a queen

January 16, 2015

After acting in the movie The Hunger Games, actress Jennifer Lawrence rose to stardom, which was well deserved, but I think she deserves more. Here’s why she should be a queen.

1.Nobody is safe Only Lawrence would go out of her way to publicly embarrass her co-star, like when she interrupted Josh Hutcherson’s interview to ask him about his “rash”. That is something one has to admire.

2.She can take a joke She isn’t afraid to be embarrassed, especially after falling at award shows multiple times, she owns up it every time, even making jokes about it moments after.

3.She’s gorgeous It doesn’t matter what she does, whether it’s an interview, accepting an award or just living life, she always looks amazing.

4.Family matters Lawrence is not ashamed to share embarrassing stories of her family and call her siblings out on national television.

5.She’s still human She’s just like us, she shares the same love of food that we all have, and still gets starstruck in front of other celebrities.

6.She’s the realest Lawrence is not afraid to be completely honest in front of the cameras, and always manages to show us that she, like the rest of us, is not perfect and that’s why we love her

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