The eight best moments of “Parks and Recreation”

January 13, 2015


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With the final season premiering Jan. 13  we look back on the past six seasons of “Parks and Recreation” and acknowledge some of the best times on the show. Every episode of “Parks and Recreation” may not be totally great, but there are shining moments throughout the seasons.

  1. Finding out the true identity of Duke Silver. Who knew Ron Swanson would do something other than wood-working?
  2. Leslie and Ben’s wedding. They belong together and having the people, and food, they love with them at their wedding was the perfect way to celebrate their love.
  3. The moment Ron Swanson’s facial hair accidentally burned off when he lit the flame during Li’l Sebastian’s memorial..  Burning off the thing Ron Swanson loves was a fantastic way to honor Li’l Sebastian
  4. When Jerry’s secret hot family was first revealed and everyone’s jaw dropped.
  5. The episode where the gang gave Leslie the best Christmas present ever. Creating a candy version of City Hall and nominating themselves as her campaign staff was a wonderful way for Leslie to have the best Christmas ever.
  6. When Ben bought a Batman costume for his “treat yo-self day” purchase. He brought out his inner nerd in the best way possible.
  7. 7.The moment Leslie heard she won the City Council elections. Leslie had all of her friends with her celebrating her victory which was a great moment. Leslie definitely deserved to win.
  8. 8. The time Ron Swanson drank snake juice. It may have been a blur for him, but everyone will remember that night.

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