12 ways to get into the Christmas spirit

December 2, 2014


Photo by: Rebekah Kish

Christmas tree in 1446

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas. From twinkle lights to Starbucks seasonal drinks to good ol’ Saint Nicholas bearing gifts, everyone gets into the holiday season in some way. Fetching all the decorations down from the attic and unloading boxes just starts the holiday workload. For those lacking the Christmas feelings, these tips will make your house or room feel extra festive.


Go out and get some new trinkets to add to the tree or above your fireplace. It can be anything, no need for something expensive – a dollar section find will do just fine. It can be as simple as a small ornament or oversized garland. As long as it is Christmassy it can go anywhere and should be placed everywhere!

Homemade decoration


They show a personal touch to the season as well as a crafty way to get into the spirit. You can make a paper snowflake or a sign for the door. Make a small little Christmas tree pillow with buttons as ornaments, all you need is some felt, cotton  and buttons to make this plush accent.

Classics reinvented


Certain things about Christmas stay the same, but you can always add to the classics; instead of a green Christmas tree, get a pink or silver one. Be adventurous and try a upside down Christmas tree. Change it up.



How many lights are too much? The limit does not exist. Lights should go everywhere, inside and outside. Do not limit yourself to just hanging the lights around the house or the tree, put them up around your room or around a window. They sparkle and twinkle which is reason enough to put them everywhere.



As yummy as food tastes, it can also become a competition. Invite friends over for a gingerbread house competition, get competitive and in the holiday spirit. It will get a little messy, but thats OK, the little Christmas elfs will come clean it up while you sleep.



Everything feels better when done with people you love and care about, so break open the cocoa, turn up the jingles and invite some friends over to help decorate. Turn on a Christmas classic like “A Christmas Carol” or “The Polar Express” when you’re done and veg out in front of the T.V. and bask in the glory of your decorations.



This season is all about giving gifts to others but we should also reflect back on all that we have. Make reflection ring garland, get small strips of paper and write down something you’re thankful for then connect the ends and as the days go on you can add to the chains and to your holiday decor.



We live in Texas, our “snow” is icicles hanging from the mailbox. But if you get a box of baking soda and a can of shaving cream mix it together and you can make snow. Yes, make snow! Now it won’t be super cold and you won’t need galoshes and mittens, but it will be just as fun. When your done making snowmen just put it in a mason jar and stick in on a windowsill to have your own little snow day whenever you please. If you are not into the do-it-yourself projects you can buy “Sno2throw”  from Bahama Bucks which are small balls of their famous Sno which comes in packs of 24 or 60.



The most underrated Christmas character of them all. They get no credit considering they have to carry jolly ol’ Saint Nicholas and the presents for the world’s children, that’s a small pound-to-reindeer ratio. To give them a token of your gratitude make them reindeer food. Get some oatmeal and glitter mix it together and throw it around the yard. The glitter helps the Reindeer see the food plus the leftovers are a great way to give the grass a festive feel.



What could you do to a door to give it holiday cheer? I’m not talking about some dinky wreath, I’m talking about the best thing a gift, a present an invitation to your room or  house. Make your door into a present, wrap Christmas paper around the door and add a oversized bow to the middle of it. This will give a unique, warm welcome and invitation.



‘Tis the season to get and send many holiday cards. Most throw them in a pile on the coffee table or just throw them away. Instead get string and some clothespins and attach the cards as you get them. Place this on a bland wall to add holiday cheer without too much effort and shows those who send you cards that you appreciate the thought, and that is really what counts.


Noise isn’t bad when its for holiday cheer. Add bells to your doorknobs and ceiling fans. It’ll be cute and give your house and extra spice of holiday cheer.

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