Senior Week Shenanigans


Photo by: Savannah Negron

With a full three years of school work, early mornings, late nights, and overall stress, many look at senior year as a sort of reward for the amount of hard work put into their years of high school. With events such as Senior Field Day, Senior Breakfast, Prom, and much more, senior year is full of fun ways to celebrate four long years of high school.

However, due to COVID-19 regulations, Cypress Creek High School was forced to cancel many, if not all of the senior festivities, leaving this year’s seniors with no kind of release or celebration for their hard work. Knowing this, the Senior Class officers have been working hard to give seniors the year they deserve.

Enter: Senior Week. An entire week dedicated to seniors and the effort they put in during their blue and silver years. Taking place during the week of May 10-14, Senior Week will consist of the following: Monday – Senior Yearbook Signing, Tuesday – Senior Movie Night, Wednesday – Senior Field Day, Thursday – Senior Parade, and Friday – Senior Sunset. With something offered everyday during the week for seniors to enjoy, the week is sure to provide some kind of closure for the recently canceled Prom, and a great chance for friends to enjoy their time together before graduation.