What’s going on in the world

A brief look into what’s happened in the world.

Story by: Hala Khan, Co-Editor-in-Cheif


Iowa Caucus: After hours of waiting for the caucus to come to an end, former Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator ted Cruz proved to be the Democratic and Republican forerunners of the race, with Clinton beating Senator Bernie Sanders by .3 percent on the vote.



Wal-Mart on Cutten Road closed:  In an effort to focus on Supercenters and e-commerce, Wal-Mart shut the sliding doors on over 100 stores in the U.S., including the store on FM 1960 & Cutten Road.

Journalism adviser named Rising Star: The Journalism Education Association (JEA) selected publications adviser Samantha Berry as one of 13 advisers nationwide to receive the JEA Rising Star Award.

Cy Creek’s Golden Footballs: The NFL recognized three Cy Creek alumni and presented them with Golden Footballs in honor of their playing in Super Bowl games.



American tourist killed on Caribbean beach: While on vacation in the Caribbean, an American woman was attacked and killed by a machete-wielding man.

Eagles against drones: The Dutch are test-training eagles to attack and intercept drones. HAWKWARD.


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Cleveland fires six officers involved in a 2012 police chase: The Cleveland police department fired six of its officers linked to a deadly police chase from November 2012.



Abe Vigoda:  Abe Vigoda, best known for his role of Salvatore Tessio in “The Godfather,” died of natural causes on Jan. 26.

Golden Globes: “The Revenant” earned the awards of the night including “Best performance by an actor in a motion picture” going to Leonardo Dicaprio. Too bad it’s not an Oscar.