Book Den Reviews: Bang


Photo by: Creative Commons

A heart-pounding, heart-wrenching novel, Barry Lyga put together a story of how people react to the worst kinds of tragedy in his novel “Bang.”

At the age of four, Sebastian Cody did something unforgivable. He accidentally shot and killed his four-month-old sister with his father’s gun. Since then, the incident of a curious child has lingered in Sebastian’s life. Now, he goes through the day-to-day routine waiting for the moment when he will end his own life – the one he thinks he does not deserve. Sebastian had everything planned: the place, the time,the gun; but the one thing he did not plan for – a friend. She opened his eyes to a whole new outlook on life. Now, the incident from ten years ago comes into question again, and Sebastian starts to question if his life really deserves to go on.

Barry Lyga has written books like this before – the heart-pounding types that keep the reader on edge for every turn of the page. His “Jasper Dent” series, beginning with “I Hunt Killers” displayed a similar writing style as “Bang.” Lyga takes the reader into the world of the protagonist. In this case, I felt for Sebastian Cody. Lyga perfectly exemplified the emotional rollercoaster that Sebastian went through throughout the book. Even though the amazing talents of Lyga shined through in this novel, the book definitely lacked something.

With so many contemporary novels written in first person narrative circling around, it can get hard for an author to find a unique voice for their character. Even though Lyga could create beautiful sentences, he lacked the ability to create a character with its own voice. Sebastian’s bland voice caused some setbacks when it came to my interest in the book, but nonetheless, Lyga’s talent made up for the lacking parts of his book with his brilliant use of words.

Overall, Lyga put together a compelling story, perfect for any lover of mysteries and thrillers. He knows how to write a novel that will keep the reader hooked, and even readers who typically stay away from mystery novels will enjoy his writing style.

Thank you Cypress Creek library for the access to the early review novel. “Bang” by Barry Lyga will be released April of 2017.