Creating a club

If a student wishes to start a club, the school requires certain procedures one must follow in order to do so. The most important and first thing to do when making a club is to find a sponsor. Whether you choose a teacher or a coach, the club needs a faculty member to get started. Clubs must not exclude anyone,or be offensive.  They must not segregate based on color, gender or sexuality. The doors must be open for all those willing to participate, regardless of any factors. Each club also needs at least ten rules to operate.

There are no minimum number of  members required to start a new club.  However, the fate of the club entirely depends on how many future Cougars choose to participate. When the upperclassmen graduate, the officers and members of the club must recruit new members to fill their seats, otherwise the club will dissolve entirely. Any student can make an lasting impact at Creek through founding a new club.