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Testing the limits

Testing the limits

State-mandated tests limit curriculum for teachers, students
Story by: Miranda Duncan, Copy Editor April 8, 2016

In core curriculum classes (math, science, English and history), teachers plan their lessons based on preparing their students for state-required tests at the end of the year. The Texas State Board of...

Back at it again

Five popular shows returning to mainstream media
Story by: Rayya Gordon, News Editor April 8, 2016

Perhaps the big TV networks realized what their viewers really wanted, or maybe the industry just ran out of ideas. Whatever the reason, 2016 proved a big year for the reboots of several popular shows...

Illustration by Alexis Garrison

Life after life skills

The path to graduation to what comes after for students in Life Skills
Story by: Miranda Duncan, Copy Editor April 7, 2016

Graduation represents an exciting milestone in the life of every high school student. For students in Life Skills, the path to graduation can present unique challenges, but also offer a great amount of...

Image courtesy of Kaleb Vandervort

Galloping towards his future

Junior Kaleb Vandervort talks about his success and plans in horseback riding
Story by: Libby Sullivan, Opinion Editor April 7, 2016

Leaping through the air for the first time, the wind blowing against him as he flies forward. The feeling of flying may only last for a split second, but the feeling of success stays with him. Since...

29 things to do on the 29th of February

Story by: Hala Khan, Co-editor-in-cheif February 29, 2016

With this extra 29th day of February, check out these 29 ways to spend the day.   Catch up on things you have been meaning to do for months, house projects, Netflix, homework, etc. Go out...

How to ACT and SAT like a pro

How to ACT and SAT like a pro

Story by: Jackson Glenn, Social Media Manager February 19, 2016

ACT and SAT testing stresses people out, but only if they do not know what they're doing. With these ACT and SAT skills, students will easily find success in both tests. Go to bed early Getting...

Dice and cards

Dice and cards

Game Club members express themselves through classic games
Story by: Emma Ruggiero, Reporter February 18, 2016

Many teenagers enjoy spending their free time playing video games. However, some appreciate the simple, laid-back activity of more traditional pastimes. Game Club, an unofficial organization where...

Things to know about the ‘Merc with a Mouth’

Catch up with Deadpool’s backstory before the movie premieres
Story by: Rayya Gordon, News Editor February 11, 2016

Loyal fans and newcomers alike wait in anticipation of the new movie “Deadpool,” a feature film about an assassin named Wade Wilson with a reputation for sass in the Marvel universe. Wilson, who first...

District greenlights new school schedule

District greenlights new school schedule

Story by: Rayya Gordon, News Editor February 11, 2016

The CFISD Board of Trustees approved a new calendar and bell schedule for the 2016-2017 school year on Jan. 19. The changes, which include longer school days and a few different holidays, work to meet...

Too ‘Tang’ Overwhelmed

Too ‘Tang’ Overwhelmed

Senior Joy Tang takes on eight AP classes
Story by: Rosalind Williamson, Entertainment/Opinion Editor November 10, 2015

Tick, tick, tick. The clock inches forward. Every second passes agonizingly slowly. Her pen continues to move across the page. For this exhausted student, midnight cannot come fast enough. At that crucial...

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